Lightning Protection

We provide wide range of products and services for both External lightning protection system with Lightning conductors to protect lives and structures and Surge diverters to protect electrical equipment to protect office equipment, building services, Industrial equipment and domestic electrical appliances. The products meet both NF10171 & IEC 62305 standards.

Data/Voice Communications

We carry in stock wide range of cables for many applications. That includes Power cable, Data cables, Telecommunication cables, Fire Alarm cables, Audio cable, Video cables, Industrial automation cables and Building automation cables. Fire resistant cables for all application meeting IEC 60331, BS 6387 C, W, Z standards


We provide total solutions for Data and Voice communication, including of design, supply and installation of equipment and connectivity items. We represent reputed brands and carry a large stock of cables and connectivity items to support the industry and support the venders with certification with 25 years warranty of the installation


We represent a world renowned brand for studio cables and connectivity items. The product range include high performance copper based digital/Analog Video cable and connectivity item, Fiber cables and connectivity items, Racks, media converters and field equipment to support the life broadcasting of field events.



Receiving free to air, Satellite and cable TV signal is an option for large institution such as hotels, hospitals and Apartment buildings. We provide total solutions with design and installation of MATV/SATV/ Free to air systems. With multi switches we provide solutions to receive services from multiple service providers. We represent world renowned brands and support the industry with large stocks too.

Public Address system

We provide design and installation of public address system and pipe music system solutions meeting many varying customer requirements. Many it be large commercial/ industrial/ service buildings, religious institution or education institutions, we provide solutions to all.

Test Equipment

We carry electrical testing equipment and meters for workshops and maintenance staff and Fiber test equipment and meters for installation staff.

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